The Work:

We’ll capture effective content that accomplishes goals and forges a deeper connection with your clients and collaborators.

That might mean:


Focused storytelling that helps would-be clients and collaborators really see you.


Articulating your business’s “special sauce.”


Framing the gorgeous data that tells your story to make it more accessible, more understandable.


Using content to build a richer and more productive community of partners, collaborators, and customers.

Whatever the messaging or its use, remember that even well-conceived, engaging, zing-y content isn’t effective unless it’s strategic, too.

 The Process:

Let’s talk. I’ll ask focused questions, use deep listening skill, and integrative thinking to learn about you, what matters to you, and what you want to accomplish.

This means:


Questions, Questions, Questions


Leveraging Existing Content


Getting Your Project on Its Feet


Editing, Refining, Focusing New Content

One of my favorite clients told me that it wasn’t just my ability to write or help her tell a story that she loved about our work together.

“My favorite thing about you, Fran, is your brain.”

Let’s put our heads together and get to work on your content.

“Fran delivers everything with an extra oomph. … she will also offer forward-thinking insights … This ability to see the connections that most people cannot see, delivers value by bridging the tasks of today to a greater vision.”

Molly Pedemonte, Consulting Manager, The Performance Group