Let Me Drive

by | Jul 5, 2020

Every now and then my big sister and I will go on an adventure. During our last excursion, I drove us through three counties as we explored pottery studios, acres of farmland in various stages of cultivation, and a quickly evolving rural North Carolina. My sister is a skilled driver and – thanks to GPS – adept at finding her way through our state’s picturesque landscape; but at least some of the value in my gift to her of that day’s trip was in taking the wheel and doing the driving for her. Sitting comfortably in the passenger seat allowed her to daydream, to catch sight of an abandoned building that needed exploration (or at least photographing); and to take in the view of endless, sandy rows of soybeans, hay, and winter wheat.

Even if you have a well-crafted, highly productive communications plan, there’s still value in relinquishing to me the driver’s seat – even if just for a day – so that you can get a refreshing view from the passenger’s seat. Let me walk through the plan with you, taking stock with you of your goals, your targeted audiences, your assets. We’ll look together – from our differing vantage points – at what you’ve done, how it’s worked and what you want to do in the future. I’ll bet you’ll have greater clarity and a new, refreshed view of each element of your plan. And maybe together we can identify additional opportunities to tell your story, a constituency who needs to hear that story, or ways in which your story might be enriched with metrics, or your metrics enriched with a story. Sometimes, the very best view of a familiar landscape is found in the passenger’s seat.

If you’d like me to help you look at your communications plan, contact me. I’ll go grab my keys.

“Fran is a highly professional creative with a versatile toolbox, a visionary mind and the ability to put the two to work for an outstanding result. This is exciting!”

Linnea Pyne, MFA, CMF, Owner, Mindfulness Coach and Consultant at A Mindful Life, LA