The Work

We’ll make sure your content accomplishes your goals and forges a deeper connection with clients and collaborators. That might mean:


Focused storytelling that helps would-be clients and collaborators really see you.

When you make storytelling the beating heart of your content, you’ll attract the “just right” new customer, or make existing customer relationships deeper and more resilient so that those relationships last longer.


Articulating your business’s “special sauce”.

Articulating your business isn’t just about crafting a laundry list of accomplishments and accolades, although that’s part of it. More than that, effective strategic content is about telling a compelling story of the “why” and the “how”.


Framing the gorgeous data that tells your story to make it more accessible, more understandable.

Articulating value isn’t just about metrics, although those are important. The data behind your value proposition has to be meaningful to your customer. I help reveal the powerful story your data tells by removing jargon, clarifying concepts, clearing out any insider language and acronyms.


Using content to build a richer and more productive community of partners, collaborators, and customers.

Great work often happens in collaboration. And people are more likely to lean in and collaborate with people they know and trust. Compelling strategic content can knit together your most valuable partners, your supporters, your customers so that they work even more productively as a community. Shared stories, shared information, and authentic pictures of community members are the foundations of the generative work you do with one another.

Let’s make sure your content isn’t just engaging. let’s make sure it works hard at accomplishing your goals.

“I found value in the coaching and guidance I got when I was the writer of a project and I hit a roadblock. Fran was reflective, curious, and enthusiastic about this and any other task – regardless of how small.”

Kate Shirah, Executive Director, Fox Family Foundation